Baked Goods


Our fresh home-made bread.


Little Bakery in-house blend.


rasp nutella x2, peanut butter x2 *contains nuts, eggs and dairy *gluten free


fruit scone x1, choc rasp scone x1, x2 cinni raisin bun, x1 hazelnut babka bun, x1 pistachio cardamom babka bun…


salted caramel x2, choc orange x2 *contains dairy and eggs *gluten free


cinni raisin, biscoff, nutella & snickers *contains nuts, gluten, eggs and dairy


cinni raisin, salted caramel, banoffee & biscoff *contains gluten, eggs and dairy


vegan cinni bun x2, choc orange cake x1, pistachio rose cake x1 *contains nuts and soya


Select 2 pies. 1. Lamb roll 2. Chicken and mushroom 3. Shepherd’less (lentil) *contains gluten, eggs and dairy


Mars krispy x1, caramel shortbread x1, salted caramel brownie x1, carrot and pistachio cake x1 Contains nuts


Contains 4 doughnuts Salted caramel, biscoff, nutella and raspberry. One of each. Contains nuts


Flavour options.. -Cheese, tomato and mushroom - roasted vegetable -3 cheese and roast pepper


Biscuit base, vanilla cheesecake layer, nutella cheesecake layer, topped with chantilly cream, crushed hazelnuts, chocolate curls. Decorated with a kinder…


Biscuit base, vanilla cheesecake layer with crushed maltesers, chocolate cheesecake layer, chantilly cream. Decorated with crushed maltesers and a malteser…


Savoury Lamb Roll Roasted veg and humous wrap Mozzarella pesto and tomato sandwich Roast chicken salad sandwich Sweet Brownie of…