English breakfast, earl grey, rooibos, green tea, herbals – 2.10
Tea for two – 3.80


Espresso, macchiato – 2.00
Americano – 2.10
Cappuccino, latte – Small £2.65Regular 2.80
Flat White – 2.80
Mocha – 3.20
White chocolate mocha – 3.10
Decaf coffee available


Iced cappuccino, latte – 3.10
Iced mocha – 3.30
Iced tea – 2.10
Extra shot or flavoured syrup – 0.50

Hot chocolate

White/mint hot chocolate – 2.80
Kids hot chocolate – 1.95


Hot chocolate float with a scoop icecream – 3.25
Affogato (vanilla icecream with a shot of espresso) – 3.25
Soda Float (soda topped with a scoop – 3.25
of ice cream)

Fresh smoothie – seasonal – 4.20

Milkshakes – 4.10

Vanilla, peanut butter, strawberry, mint aero, chocolate, kinder bueno, banana, mocha, oreo, ferrero, malteser, jaffa cake

Add whipped cream – 0.25
Cakeshake – 4.95

Rise & shine!


Served till 12pm
Toast with butter and jam – 2.35
Scone with butter and jam – 2.90
(+ clotted cream £0.60)
Granola – served with – 4.10
Greek yoghurt, honey and a fresh berry compote.
Cinnamon sugar porridge – 4.10
Banana nutella porridge – 4.10
(+ berries £1.00)
Strawberries and cream bowl- a smoothie blend of strawberries and banana, with coconut milk. Topped with sliced banana, crushed meringue and coconut flakes. – 5.50
Smoothie bowl – almond milk, banana, avocado, acai topped with mixed seeds, goji berries, dried coconut – 5.50
Avocado bloomer cream cheese – 6.00
Avocado seasalt lemon and poached eggs (2) – 6.00
Toasted bagel with nutella and sliced banana – 4.10
Scrambled eggs (or poached 2 + £1.00)
– Smoked salmon – 5.75
– Toast – 4.00
– Bagel – 4.25

Brunch – 6.50

Served 10-4pm


Strawberries and cream – strawberries, chantilly cream and crushed meringue
Breakfast feast – granola, mixed berry compote, fresh berries and Greek yoghurt/cream

(+ maple syrup £0.25)
(+ icecream £1.50)



All served with a salad and dressing


Served on white or granary bread – 4.80
Cheese and chutney
Coronation chicken
Cranberry and brie with lettuce
Goats cheese, chutney and lettuce
Grilled vegetables, pesto and feta
Ham and cheese
Humus, falafal and spinach
Meatball, parmesan and spinach
Mozzarella, sweet red pepper and pesto
Salmon, cucumber and cream cheese
Tuna Mayonnaise

Panini or Bagel

With one of the above fillings 5.50 Gluten free bread available upon request

Grilled Bloomer – 6.90

Tuna Melt – tuna and cheddar
Avocado, tomato, mozzarella and pesto

Soup of the day with bloomer – 3.80

Soup and ½ sandwich or toastie – 4.90


Mediterranean vegetables with hummus – 4.75
Salmon with Mediterranean vegetables – 4.95
House Special
Pitta bread grilled with goat’s cheese, spinach and roasted peppers – 5.50
Kid’s Meal – 4.40
Beans on toast, soup, ½ sandwich or
toastie with fruit and a kid’s drink
For daily specials check menu board

Weekend Special Brunch Menu – 7.50

Banoffee Biscoff

Salted Caramel Peanut butter and banana



See counter for today’s variety
of homemade cakes
Pastries – 2.25
Cake slice – 3.35
Tray bake – 2.90
Cake slice with ice cream – 4.55
Hot apple pie with ice cream – 4.80
Hot brownies with ice cream – 4.35

Sundaes 5.95

Banana Split

Vanilla, strawberry and chocolate ice cream with whipped cream, crispy wafer, nuts and chocolate sauce


Vanilla and Ferrero Roche ice cream with whipped cream, Ferrero, crispy wafer and chocolate sauce

Knickerbocker Glory

Fresh fruit, vanilla ice cream, red berry sauce, topped with whipped cream and crispy wafer


Vanilla and chocolate ice cream with whipped cream, Oreo biscuits, crispy wafer and chocolate sauce

Sorbet Pavlova

Sorbet ice cream, meringue base with whipped cream, crisp wafer and a red berry sauce

Toffee Fudge

Warm chocolate brownies with toffee fudge ice cream, chocolate sauce, topped with whipped cream and crispy wafer